Tesfu gained asylum + condfidence + education (and a place to practice his music)

Tesfu's story

Tesfu came to live at Salford Foyer as a young homeless Eritrean man escaping persecution, speaking very little English. Arriving with very few possessions (other than his cherished begena – a traditional Eritrean musical instrument), Tesfu has worked extremely hard to make a new life for himself.

Aided by the encouragement and dedication of the team at Salford Foyer, Tesfu has completed ESOL classes, taken part in English and Maths lessons and has worked with external support services to improve his opportunities of securing  employment. Tesfu’s determination to succeed has prepared him to move on to a new chapter in his life.

Valeria gained stability + independence + friends (and some great laughs)
Julie and George gained security + peace of mind + support (and energy to run a lunch club)

Julie and George's story

Living in a two-bedroom council-owned property, both Julie and George have several complex care needs and significant health issues.

They felt they would benefit from the security of living in a Housing with Care scheme, knowing there are care staff in the building 24/7 and support staff on site.

This gives them the security and peace of mind they wanted. Julie has improved so much that she has become a scheme volunteer. She now runs a lunch club every Monday which encourages social interaction between participants, to help alleviate isolation and loneliness.

Darren gained comfort + independence + courage (and the skills to look after himself)
Kerry gained confidence + friendship + direction (and her own identity)

Kerry's story

Kerry had a lot to cope with at home, with sole responsibility falling on her young shoulders for the upbringing of her two siblings.

Consequently, she couldn’t go to school or college when she needed to which affected her education. And when Kerry did attend, she was bullied, which meant that her confidence and self-esteem were low.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that she couldn’t escape and spend time outside of school with her friends as she had to look after her siblings, leaving her feeling like she’d lost her own identity.

Kerry was initially referred to CAMHS young person’s mental health service and now meets regularly with her Doctor to support her depression and manage her medication.

With the help of the Living+ team, Kerry successfully completed a GROW programme (employability course) run by Connexions and is now working with them to find an apprenticeship.

Simon gained shelter + stability + purpose (and a space to get his head together)
Moira gained encouragement + skills + confidence (and help to book theatre tickets)

Moira's story

Moira has lived in one of our homes for nearly eight years.

Being fiercely independent, she likes to get involved in a variety of activities such as crafts, art, cooking and loves going to the gym to keep fit.

Our staff encourage Moira to speak up for herself and convey her feelings which shows her that her opinion really counts. Moira values the fact that she’s always got someone to talk to about her concerns.

Claire gained security + independence + trust (and her own room to clean)